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Category:Inorganic chemistryRieger family The Rieger family is a family of actors, directors and filmmakers. Rieger family is one of the five Rieger families in the world, from one of the oldest in Germany, Europe and the United States. History Early family members Julius Georg August Ferdinand Rieger was born on the 3rd of March 1789 in Trondheim, Norway and died in Leipzig, Germany. At the age of 8 years old, he came to Germany and joined the Order of Teutonic Knights. He served in the Order for 20 years and started acting in 1795. He had his first success as an actor in Lübeck in 1812 and the last as an actor in Stuttgart in 1823. He had his first success in a female role in Die Rosenheimräuber (The Rosenheim Robbers) in 1814. In 1822, he made his first film, Alte Schaapen (Old Farts), the first German-made feature film. His son Wilhelm August Rieger was born in Vienna, Austria on the 10th of July 1815 and died in Berlin, Germany on the 18th of August 1878. He had an older brother, Gustav Rieger (1794–1867). He started his career as an actor in 1828 and continued to act, direct and write until his death in 1878. His first success was as an actor in 1844. He acted and directed his first film in 1862, a short film called Der Schwindler im Bezirk Potsdam. He directed the last film in Germany, Alte Schichten, in 1878. He was married to Emilie von Dewitz on the 2nd of October 1846. Their children were: Gustav (1847–1896), Adelheid (1848–1896), Wilhelm (1850–1891) and Elisabeth (1852–1927). His grandson Wilhelm August Rieger was born in Berlin on the 19th of March 1868 and died on the 11th of May 1931 in Berlin, Germany. He was married to Rosemarie Sievers on the 28th of December 1894. Their children were: Emilie (1896–1977), Hubert (1900–1978), Margarete (1901–1987), Ilse (1902–1993), Max (

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Jan.Szargut.-.Termodynamika.techniczna.[PDF].[PL] !!TOP!!

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